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Cloud gaming is based on cloud computing, under the cloud game operating mode, all the game are running on the server, compress and transfer the rendered game pictures to the user through the network. On the client side, the game device does not require any high specs processor or graphics card, only the basic video decompression capability is required. It is also known as gaming on demand, an online gaming technology based on cloud computing. The cloud game technology enables the thin client, which is relatively limited in graphics processing and data computing power, to run high-quality games. In the cloud game scenario, the game is not in the player's game terminal, but running in the cloud server, and the game scene was rendered by the cloud server to video audio stream, then transfer to the players game terminal through the network. Players can play without a strong computing and data processing capabilities game terminal, only the basic ability of streaming media player is required and retrieve palyers instructions then sent to the cloud server.

Application Value

  • Anonymous User

    The generation of the address does not require
    real-name authentication and does not correspond
    to the real identity. There is no correlation between
           the different accounts of the owner and the specific user
           information cannot be obtained.

  • Asset Allocation

    According to investment demand, the investment
    funds are allocated among different asset classes,
    and the assets are allocated between low risk and high risk.

  • Win-Win Cooperation

    In order to promote the development of the
    cloud and promote internationalization,
    cooperation can bring win-win business opportunities,
           mutual benefit and common development.

  • Block Chain

    Block chain is a new application mode of distributed
    data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism,
    encryption algorithm and other computer technologies.

  • Cloud Game

    EYKC is a credit service carrier based on the
    open source of cloud games. The nature of cloud
    games is based on cloud computing.

  • Integration Services

    A solution to generate high performance data
    integration and workflow (including extraction,
    transformation, and load (ETL) operations
           for data warehouses).

Block Chain EYKC - The age of global digital currency is coming.
Bank of China state - people are free to participate in bitcoin transactions.

Dozens of countries around the world have identified the legitimacy of digital open-source cryptocurrencies.

Global Banks accept digital virtual exchange.

The United States, South Korea installed digital currency ATM machine.
Israel abolished the physical currency and became the first country without physical currency.
The United States defines bitcoin as a mass product.


Implementation Sheet


  • Jul

    The project was established along with it’s the core team.

  • Aug

    EYKC Kaiman Game chain tokens issued fund raising course framework, with market circulation of 12.32 million,total 33.3 million.

  • Aug - Sep

    The market research of the game market and Investment company was completed, the fund raising was also completed.

  • Oct

    The cloud game system framework design started, at the same time it reached strategic cooperation with multiple game company companies.

  • Nov

    The formulation of the core system was completed, the cloud game digital identity authentication system and the cloud game server were confirmed.

  • Dec

    The cloud game system completed the beta test.

  • Nov - Dec

    EYKC tokens were on line with the DCP of Thai Exchange.

  • 2018

  • Mar - Jun

    Expected completion of the fund raising start-up work.

  • May - Jun

    Expected to be on the main board of the world's first class large exchange.

  • Jun - Dec

    The core system is expected to be completed; Preparation work is under way to Cloud Game Digital Authentication System, Cloud Game Server Validation, Blockchain Model and Smart contract system.

  • 2019

  • Jan - Feb

    Expected improvement of the authentication function for the cloud games.

  • Mar - Jun

    Expected to complete the cloud game system upgrade and investment smart contract system development.

  • Jul - Oct

    Expected to complete the development of cloud game digital identity authentication system before the end of 2018, providing free API interface and third-party docking platform.

Source Code

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White Paper


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Jovan Jovanovic Project Supervisor
Professor, International Economics School of Shenzhen
Chair of European Blockchain Network Laboratory
Kent Business School Graduate
Ricardo Johnson Project Manager
Senior Blockchain and E-Commerce Expert
Member of American-Brazil Big Data Association
UCLA Graduate
Eddy Benson Senior IT Consultant
Member of Lincoln University Association of E-Commerce
Specialist in Hi-Tech Business Development, International Sales Strategies and Big data Research
Jorgen Van Bilter Software Consultant
Certified C++ Expert, NY institute
Founder of Nordic BlockChain alliance
New York University Graduate
Mike Sword Senior IT Consultant
Member of the Ganadian National Association of E-Commerce
University of Toronto Graduate
Member of Ontario Technology Institute
Alfred Bergerstein Senior IT Consultant
Berlin University Graduate
Specialized in Big Data and Cloud Expert Solutions
Member of US - German Cloud Data Association

Latest News

  • Cloud Game

    Based on the cloud computing mode of the game, game operating modes, the clouds all the game to run on the server, and will render after finished the game picture compression transmission through the network to the user.

  • EYKC

    EYKC is based on open source cloud game decentralized credit service carrier, through EYKC ecology, using incentive way to let participants players leave unused resources sharing, embedding EYKC ecological consumption ecological.

  • Block Chain

    Block chain is a new application mode of distributed data storage, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies. Block chain technology realizes the mathematical algorithm of building trust and obtaining equity between different nodes.

  • Application Scenarios

    Enable players to play games on the PC or NVIDIA GRID cloud platform through devices like Shield Android TV (TV), Shield Portable (Portable game console), etc. They are all useful exploration for the bright future of cloud game!

  • EYKC Application

    Using classic Pow consensus mechanism to ensure that the block chain network security, optimized to achieve the shorter blocks (30 seconds), and by easy to deploy API calls for game developers to provide reliable, easy to use framework to obtain smooth gaming experience.

  • Future Perspective

    EYKC's development team has clear industry knowledge, complete strategic plan, efficient execution and open development concept. With the vision, the top business innovation model and thinking, driving industry trends and technology.


Good news for EYKC(formerly YKC) Announcement of the opening of lump-sum withdrawal

Dear YKC family:

When the clouds rise, I see the blue sky. YKC is about to embrace a qualitative leap, the future development value can be said to be a blue sky space! YKC was started in 2017, suspended after 94 years, and restarted in March, 2012, because of the joint efforts of the family members to create his own brilliant moments, I believe that we are the same as the original intention of the project, hoping to achieve their own expectations, but the financial market changes rapidly, always remind us to maintain an attitude of awe. All in all, I am grateful for your trust and follow. YKC will not let you down, and has been working silently, waiting for the right time. !

After 3 years of accumulation, we are pleased to announce here today: ykc public chain technology decentralized community ecological governance DPOS consensus mechanism 1.0 is coming online! On the basis of the original public chain upgrade to the decentralized ecology, now and in the next eight years YKC will start the real chain mining. The main chain is built on the ethereum public chain, and adopts the most credible decentralized imtoken wallet and POS mining technology to achieve the same decentralized voting ecology as EOS, and far superior to the ecological mechanism of EOS (see mechanism details).

YKC issued a total of 33.3m pieces, and destroyed 17.44m pieces in March, 19. Now it is necessary to map the destroyed 1:1 additional pieces to the main network and put them on the market, restoring the original number of 33.3m pieces. 17.44 million copies were destroyed, now why additional? The reason is market demand. The main chain will carry out POS mining for eight years and the secondary issue will reach the maximum supply of 99.9 million. The eight-year strategic planning also means that there is a great demand for the volume. The current volume of 15.86 million pieces is too small to support the future ecological application development and the current and future liquidity and activity of the public link project. Just like bitcoin and ethereum, they need to be summarized with strategic planning and big data, so today's big decisions are related to future ecological governance. There is no future without a future!

After evaluation and analysis of large data, now after a number of dilute issue in advance to give to the intelligence of the contract, can one-time all proposals has been released to their imtoken wallet, has not been released, can through the release of the currency mentioned in imtoken wallets POS out mining, intelligent contract will complete its mission, the currency mentioned imtoken wallet means to upgrade to the real currency decentralized circle rule. Decentralization means security, while the technology of blockchain is safe, and the real blockchain technology must be realized on the public chain. The COINS are actually stored on the public link, and block browsers can access them, rather than virtual Numbers in a centralized wallet, and you have full control of your assets.

Courtesy often exchanges because it is the third project party, has not been in touch with the person in charge, contact will inform you to open a one-time withdrawal. Follow up please pay attention to the regular game platform above the withdrawal announcement.

Great news! YKC common chain ecology application DPOS consensus mechanism; The ecological development of voting mining is about to begin! In 2020, the global financial crisis market bear, YKC must be a miracle of the star public chain! Decentralized community ecological governance is destined to be extraordinary in YKC2020; Both sides benefit from voting and mining (retail voting node: yield 65-35 open, holding currency is mining, ecological forever cycle) Currency exchange wallet without income, particularly recommended for YKC first year income currency amount 70% annualized interest users put himself still exist exchange of currency withdrawal to hold imtoken purse will reap full (decentralized wallet is truly belong to his wallet, voting or dig, don't lock up, free agent) YKC decentralization concept, block chain technology design for eight years ecological management development; With the ecological development of time, the value of currency assets rises and rises. Due to the limitation of the maximum supply, the value of currency increases and the property of increasing scarcity over time, YKC is bound to achieve great success. Make a bold prediction ten times, dozens of times, hundreds of times or even a thousand times worth looking forward to! If one day YKC becomes the mainstream of the global top 20, it will be a thousand times the legend!

Thanks again for your support! Let us hand in hand open the creative era, witness YKC qualitative leap!

Note: YKC renamed EYKC, renamed reason: YKC old currency needs to be mapped to the main network EYKC in proportion to 1:1

The smart contract (formerly known as tunyibao) has been open to all one-time withdrawals of COINS to imtoken wallets since the date of announcement. There is no benefit for the currency to mention the exchange. So please pay attention to details when withdrawing money. Finally, the withdrawal time will be open for one month. The withdrawal time will be open for one month from the date of announcement. Please tell each other to withdraw the money as soon as possible. Thank you!

Super node community group customer service WeChat: wzyjy0503 (those who need to enter the group can add WeChat)

Mechanism details WeChat into the group: super node learning group publicity

YKC silicon valley technology team

March 16, 2020